A Leap Forward for Small Business and Nonprofit Websites

21 Sep By Molly Hammar | September 21, 2015

“Molly, can Acclaro make us a low-cost marketing website?”

Small businesses, startups, and nonprofits have asked me this question for years. They want professional, engaging, low-cost marketing websites. But up until now, I’ve had to apologize: the numbers never added up to “low-cost.”

I wanted to help these clients. But in order to create our signature high-quality user experience, we always had to custom code. And that expensive custom coding left small businesses and nonprofits with little choice but to pull together their own homespun websites.



Low-cost, mobile-responsive sites: a leap forward for small businesses and nonprofits

It’s all changing now. Lately we’ve been creating marketing websites using WordPress, leveraging pre-designed themes or creating custom themes.

The results? Beautiful, mobile responsive websites that delight users and drive conversion–at a fraction of the price we would have needed to charge five years ago.


Acclaro Design Denver UX AWLS


Last week, AdventureMed launched a new website for its Advanced Wilderness Life Support (AWLS) course. To make this small business’s site a success, Acclaro developed a custom WordPress theme that is mobile responsive, has an e-commerce component, and presents an all-new logo and company brand. We’re excited about the quality of the experience we’re able to offer with the newest capabilities of WordPress. You can see for yourself at www.awls.org.

This is the flagship project for our new Small Business and Nonprofit offering. For small businesses, simple custom themes provide a contemporary and memorable brand experience. Pre-designed themes enable our nonprofit clients to engage their communities with a uniquely branded, professional, and affordable website.

Interested in a marketing website that won’t break your budget? Tell us more about your organization.

If you’re working on a limited budget, tackling “easy” user experience issues can make a big difference. Some of my hints are here: Pick the Low Hanging Fruit