Remembering Cynthia

06 Aug By Molly Hammar | August 6, 2015

My heart is heavy.

Cynthia Cline, a friend and a designer who worked with many of our clients, passed away this week.


Cynthia Cline and Molly Hammar

Cynthia and I met about 10 years ago, and became friends through our shared love of the Colorado outdoors. Though I couldn’t keep up with her on a mountain bike, we skied and enjoyed the mountains together. Imagine my delight when I found out that she was also a creative designer and was interested in working with Acclaro!

Sitting in a coffee shop in Boulder with Cynthia in 2007, Cynthia encouraged me to articulate my vision for the business. She developed the Acclaro logo and brand, and after that she created beautiful designs for Acclaro clients, including Boulder County and Knowledge Factor. Those clients will remember what a pleasure she was to work with.

Certainly, Cynthia was a talented designer. But, more important to me, was her deep sense of integrity and appreciation for the beauty in nature and the beauty in people. The word tragic seems inadequate to describe a vibrant, healthy woman in her mid-forties falling to cancer.

I’ve lost a friend.

And at work….. How can we press on when one of our own is gone? My only thought is, that we will do so with compassion for our shared human experience, with patience, and with a painful reminder that the quality of our days is more important than the quantity.

Rest peacefully, Cynthia. We’ll never forget you.